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Presidential Election…..Stock Market RISK RISES



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33 Thoughts to “Presidential Election…..Stock Market RISK RISES”

  1. Mai Mai

    Dan,Thank You✨


    1. Dan Takahashi

      Thanks for your comment! Could you post Japanese comments on Japan channel thanks!

  2. エニートの投資大学


    1. Dan Takahashi

      Thanks for your comment! Could you post Japanese comments on Japan channel thanks!

    2. エニートの投資大学

      Dan Takahashi

  3. awesome

    Thank you Dan, on every day. I understood an anomaly between october and novenber. I will sleep like a lion.

  4. R Stam

    I heard Trump is going to cede his time to let Biden stay coherent for 20 straight minutes lol

  5. iwo luu

    First time I watched this video usually. Second time I sometimes stopped and used English dictionary. I knew only the words of Vix, Skew and Black swan. I understood stock market go down historically in October coming Presidential Election and we should do nothing for long term.

  6. darkmegaman44

    Hi Dan,

    I keep seeing you use stochastics and something about resistance levels, about time you explain that to us perhaps? :))

    As always, very informative, thanks!

    1. Christian Diaz

      He has videos on his channel going over Stoch, Bollinger bands, RSI, MacD

    2. darkmegaman44

      Christian Diaz I watched those (RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands) already, but Stoch was nowhere to be found.. I just checked.

      But maybe he explained it together with the ones mentioned above. I’ll need to take another look perhaps.

    3. Christian Diaz

      You might be right, my bad brotha

    4. darkmegaman44

      All good bro 🙂

  7. Terry Cormier

    Do you recommend buying more gold/gold stocks as a hedge against election related market volatility? Thank you for your hard work!

  8. s t


    pull money out 【動句】株などの資産を引き上げる(お金を引き出す)
    anxiety 【名】不安
    ramp up…【動句】…を強める
    turmoil 【名】騒動
    equity market 【名句】証券市場
    jittery 【形】神経質な(話)
    bull market【名句】強気相場
    capital gain【名句】キャピタル・ゲイン(資産価値の上昇による利益)
    regulation 【名】規制
    sum up…【動句】…をまとめる、合計する
    approximately 【副】およそ
    qualms 【名】不安(話)
    implied 【形】はっきりしたものではない、暗にほのめかされた
    insurance 【名】保険
    underlying 【形】基礎的な
    implied volatility 【名句】インプライド・ボラティリティ、予想変動率
    skew index 【名句】スキュー指数(金融)
    predicting indicator 【名句】先読みの指数
    call O C【動句】OをCと呼ぶ
    commentary 【名】解釈、解説
    hesitant 【形】ためらった
    stick with…【動句】…でいく(を続ける)
    It’s priced in.【節】それは価格に織り込み済みだ。

    1. 長谷川静香

      s t thankyou

    2. Takeyoshi OGUMA


  9. Ito Masahiro

    Thank you for the update

  10. murex777

    Hey Dan, again nice research. I enjoyed it very much. BTW what is that charting software you are using? Is it web-based one like finviz?

  11. Phat Vegan

    Paper 📃 🧻 🗞 has little value. When will everyone wake ⏰ UP

    This is far beyond anything this country the United States has ever seen in its history! So I wouldn’t exactly go off of the past. Not that it isn’t a window, it’s just extremely muddy

  12. Takeyoshi OGUMA

    Thank you, dan.
    Can you tell me why the MA use 9month on analysis?

    1. Dan Takahashi

      My preference

    2. Takeyoshi OGUMA

      @Dan Takahashi Thank you!

  13. Tomoko Yoshikawa

    A very informative and interesting video. The SKEW Index is new to me, but you’ve explained enough about its features. So I ‘ll try to use it to learn when needed. Thanks a lot, Dan san!

  14. doch kei

    Thank you for sharing the precious professional experience and insight with us. It seems “None of the above” is the usual market opinion. What a lion it is.
    Which candidate makes you feel that you can go through your life safe and sound in real life?

  15. KO SOBA


    1. Dan Takahashi

      Thanks for your comment below! Could you post Japanese comments on Japan channel, thanks so much!

    2. KO SOBA

      Dan Takahashi Off course!!I’ll always be your #1 fan!I love you♡

  16. Mago Hanatsu

    Thank you Dan for the videos about US stocks!
    I noticed that Hansen is recovering at the moment, is it a chance to get in right now? I mean buy the 2800 for a long term.

  17. まきおMakio

    Trump never stop talking. He was super talkative and…clever. He still thinks fast compared to Biden.

  18. masahiro moro



    1:46 pull money out 【動句】株などの資産を引き上げる(お金を引き出す)
    1:55 anxiety 【名】不安
    0:36 2:16 ramp up…【動句】…を強める
    0:36 turmoil 【名】騒動
    0:41 ? equity market 【名句】証券市場
    0:52 election【名】選挙
    0:40 jittery 【形】神経質な(話)
    3:58 bull market【名句】強気相場
    5:19 fret【動】不安にさせる
    5:28 capital gain【名句】キャピタル・ゲイン(資産価値の上昇による利益)
    5:36 regulation 【名】規制
    6:22 greed【名】欲望
    6:35 sum up…【動句】…をまとめる、合計する
    8:10 exceed…【動】…を超える
    8:26 approximately 【副】およそ
    8:46 bond【名】債権
    9:08 qualms 【名】不安(話)
    9:25 implied 【形】はっ きりしたものではない、暗にほのめかされた
    11:04 stable【形】安定した
    11:55 insurance 【名】保険
    12:09 right【名】権利
    12:30 underlying 【形】基礎的な
    12:35 implied volatility 【名句】インプライド・ボラティリティ、予想変動率
    12:46 skew index 【名句】スキュー指数(金融)
    13:59 predicting indicator 【名句】先読みの指数
    14:11 call O C【動句】OをCと呼ぶ
    14:35 concerned【形】心配して
    15:26 commentary 【名】解釈、解説
    16:50 hesitant 【形】ためらった
    17:15 stick with…【動句】…でいく(を続ける)
    17:24 It’s priced in.【節】それは価格に織り込み済みだ。
    18:08 bother【動】悩む

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