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Election And Stock Market


In 4 months we have the following presidential political election in UNITED STATES. In this video clip "Election And Securities Market" I have a look at the stats around political elections in U.S.A.. There have been a great deal of speak about that will certainly be best for the securities market. Will it be Trump or Biden? And does it really matter?

We are taking a look at the background of political elections and of democrats and also republicans.
Watch to see if it truly matters to the marketplace who wins the election.

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13 Thoughts to “Election And Stock Market”

  1. dan hug hes

    Investment wise Biden is shocking.

    1. Building Freedom

      Not sure I understand what you mean

  2. Økonomichefen

    Rigtig god video som altid 🙂

    1. Building Freedom

      Tak for det 🙂

  3. hollapro

    Trump down played the virus from the start due to lack of leadership and now we have civil unrest rightfully he once again its beyond his head due to incompetence. Trump is an idiot and is about to single handily about to destroy since we dont have much choice I hope Biden make things better

    1. Building Freedom

      I tend to agree. But this video is not about politics but more about how the election vill affect the stocks.

  4. Sweet Lil Devil

    If Trump wins, we’re going to spend but eventually get a ROI as the spending will be on our own infrastructure, supporting small start ups, and luring larger manufacturing companies back to the United States which will create more jobs. I also believe that he is going to hold China financially responsible for damages caused by the virus. Biden would quickly reengage with China and essentially allow them to write their own terms in terms of trade agreements with the U.S. We will be bleeding out more money to them than in years prior. He will also sign massive entitlement spending. Once the sugar high is over, democrats will be going from trying to convince everyone that Joe can fix America’s problems to blaming Trump for the the issues he can’t fix.

    1. Building Freedom

      That is primarely a guess you make there. And it has not really anything to do with the effect on the stock market. Trump said in his campaign that he would lower the US deficit and work on paying back debt. That is not exactly what has happend.
      But again, this video is not about politics but about the stock market.

  5. 8Robba

    It is time for a peaceful revolution, even and espacially in the COVID-19 Crisis, since it shows the worst facets of this late-stage capitalism we struggle to live in.
    For a just, equitable and cooperative society – against the exploits of the wealthy Kapitalholders and for the chance for everybody the life and express and love for generations to come.
    #GeneralStrike #rentstrike #notmeus

    1. Building Freedom

      Soooo, how is that comment not a discussion about politics. I kind of said that in the video that it was ok to comment on the stock market/election relationship but I didn’t want any political comments.

    2. 8Robba

      @Building Freedom it was my choice, clearly. But I will not hold a grudge if you decide to delete this. I simply believe that politics can not be excluded from trading, and that by choosing to ignore the powerbalance that one chooses to play on the side of the oppressor. I don’t want noone here to make this choice without at least being aware of that choice existing.

  6. Brian G

    Nice listen with my morning cup of coffee! 👍

  7. Nostric

    If you look back to 2008, 2012 and 2016. Right after the election, the stock marked crashes and then begins to go back up again. I am gonna wait until a few days after the election before I invest in the stock marked. I dont think it matters who is gonna win.

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