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Day After Election 11-7-12 Stock Market Analysis


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Dow down 313pts, the greatest decline given that June! Wall surface Street accidents hard eventually after election results. Given that 1968 the stock exchanges have a bearish day on Wall surface Road the day after elections. Feds say development in UNITED STATE non-mortgage consumer debt decreased in September as families seem to have used their bank card much more sparingly,.

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5 Thoughts to “Day After Election 11-7-12 Stock Market Analysis”

  1. tim3687

    Correction: The previous election was between Obama and McCain.

  2. kouznetsov

    Obooma boom boom!!!!!! :))))))))))))


    the dollars up, and gold shooting up! it looks like true reality is setting in.

  4. Grok Trade

    You are right, thank you.

  5. NJB787

    Great videos…keep it up!!!

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