Is The COVID-19 Causing A Stock Market Crash? | Truth Wanted 03.06

Truth Desired 03.06 for February 28, 2020 with ObjectivelyDan & Phil Ferguson. Call the program Fridays 7-8:30 pm CT at: 1-512-686-0279 or utilize your computer to call our program to reduce long-distance charges: ► Don't like ads? Think about coming to be a customer for commercial-free episodes: ► Podcasts may be located @: ► Store Truth Desired merchandise @: We welcome your comments on the string for this program. ► ► Call us with inquiries or newspaper article at: truth@atheist-community.org ► Chat room guidelines: ——- WHAT IS REALITY WANTED? Fact…

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Covid19 Stock Market Crash Democrat Nominees Call For Military Global Economic Collapse 2020

Advertisements #coronavirus #Covid 19 #Trending Trending Now Alerting! Supply Futures Destroyed Bernie Sanders As Well As Joe Biden Call For Army Help To Covid or Martial Law 2020 The international economic climate is breaking down before our eyes. Is the Coronavirus – covid19 worldwide pandemic an economic conspiracy theory or a worldwide economic reset? Jason A Something Is Occurring Daboo77 Daboo777 released. Covid19 Sos Coronavirus sos x22 Record

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Bitcoin – Global Bankers scheme to ditch the Dollar? [N. Starikov]

Advertisements Video clip starts at 1:17. The brand-new sensation of bitcoin and blockchain, otherwise called cryptocurrencies, are currently going far for themselves as currencies that are different from all the others. Bitcoin is a kind of electronic currency, produced as well as held online. Bitcoins aren't printed, like bucks or euros– they're created by individuals, and progressively companies, running computer systems around the world, utilizing software that produces mathematical code. Bitcoin's essential characteristic, as the story goes, is that it is decentralized. No single organization or major financial institution regulates…

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Joe Rogan & Abby Martin on 9/11 insider trading (JRE #529)

Advertisements Clip from Joe Rogan Experience # 529, initially released on August 2, 2014. Watch the whole episode here:

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