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COVID-19 wipes out over US$ 16 tril. from global stock markets in just 52 days

Advertisements 세계증시 시총 52일 만에 1경9천조 증발 … 한국GDP의 10배 International stock market losses have topped 16 trillion U.S. bucks in simply 52 days given that fears over the coronavirus grasped the world. Kim Hyo-sun records. The coronavirus outbreak has wiped more than 16 trillion U.S. bucks off the worldwide stock exchange. According to information launched by Bloomberg, … COVID-19 has eliminated virtually 16-point-7 trillion bucks in 86 countries as of March 12th. This is a monstrous 18-point-7 percent drop, from 89 trillion to 72-point-5 trillion bucks in just 52…

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Chamber of Commerce CEO discusses stock market crash amidst coronavirus panic

Advertisements Canadian Chamber of Commerce CEO and Head of state Perrin Beatty joins CPAC's Martin Stringer to discuss today's spiraling stock exchange among the recurring coronavirus pandemic scare. Enjoy complete episodes and also more at Similar to this video clip? Sign up for CPAC on YouTube: Get in touch with us on … Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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