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Stock Market Crash! Do not Panic!

Advertisements Head Of State Trump State of the Union Worries. What happens alongside the buck. Apple continues to crash with incomes up in advance. Why I am trading XLK calls in advance of Microsoft, Facebook, Google, as well as Apple profits today. Review of the TICK, TRIN, and ADD line for market internals. President of Trading Coach Lance …

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John Carter Live Trading ES Futures

Advertisements From June 13, 2011 Live Trading the ES S&P Futures contract. John Carter utilizes the tick chart to day trade the S&P futures. John Carter is the writer of Understanding the Trade as well as co founder of Profession the Markets. John Carter has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox business network, tastytrade radio. He is a factor to thestreet and SFO magazine. For more videos in higher quality go to:

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