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COVID-19 wipes out over US$ 16 tril. from global stock markets in just 52 days

Advertisements 세계증시 시총 52일 만에 1경9천조 증발 … 한국GDP의 10배 International stock market losses have topped 16 trillion U.S. bucks in simply 52 days given that fears over the coronavirus grasped the world. Kim Hyo-sun records. The coronavirus outbreak has wiped more than 16 trillion U.S. bucks off the worldwide stock exchange. According to information launched by Bloomberg, … COVID-19 has eliminated virtually 16-point-7 trillion bucks in 86 countries as of March 12th. This is a monstrous 18-point-7 percent drop, from 89 trillion to 72-point-5 trillion bucks in just 52…

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Mark Cuban wins insider trading case, slams government

Advertisements Can a billionaire still be the underdog? Mark Cuban talks to reporters after defeating insider trading fees brought by the Securities and also Exchange Compensation. David Schechter on Twitter: @davidschechter

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